Family Work

Being part of a healthy, stable family gives a young person the best start in life. We provide a range of support activities to young parents and young people to enable them develop in mind, body and spirit to belong contribute and thrive within their family.

As young people grow up it is part of their development that they begin to question the world around them and the boundaries adults impose on them. This inevitably causes tension within the family. Our aim is to help the families get through this, not letting problems affect their family life, so we support young people to work through this and maintain a positive family relationship.

We support young parents to give their children the best start in life, and we want to help the young parents in the best way we can, so they can have guidance if they need it when it comes to facing the challenges that  parenthood presents, a good support system is key for new parents, and we aim to be just that, we want to be an organisation which helps and inspires them.