Milly’s Story

According to ComRes study, around 1.3 million people aged 16-24 have slept rough in the past year. Space2 offers not only a safe place to relax and socialise for young people, but a place of support and guidance for those in need. Space2 helps young people like Milly when times and circumstances are tough.

Milly started coming to Space2 when she was 16, and after 3 years she says it’s been life-changing. She was thrown out of her home after having a difficult relationship with her mother, and therefore began sleeping on people settee’s for weeks but soon ran out of options and had nowhere to go.

She turned to the staff for help, who accompanied Milly to the Housing Advice Centre but due to Milly’s age at the time, being 18 she was wasn’t classed as a priority. Staff became increasingly concerned and helped Milly access Nightstop, where they offer emergency beds for the night. After finally getting hold of contacts, it was discovered that there was no room in Newcastle but a place in Blyth, in which Milly had an hour to get to and take the place. Space2 paid for the taxi getting her there as quick as possible, and Milly has been living in shared accommodation in Blyth ever since.

To Milly, Space2 is like a family. “In all families there are good and bad but everyone knows everyone here, and that makes Space special”.

Milly is certain that without Space 2 she would be on the street with nowhere to go. She now has stability in her life from which she can aspire and concentrate on her college work and her studies.Young Woman Room Accomodation Seated Centered Horizontal