Igor’s Story


20-year-old Igor has been coming to SPACE2 for 3 years now, from originally just attending with a friend for a place to go. He was quickly interested in staying due to his passion for dance and the studio inside, and therefore he could use them to work on his talents and skills as well as the opportunities and facilities that SPACE2 had to offer.


During his time at SPACE2, a fashion designing programme began. What had originally started as a prom dress designing course grew into a full on designing  programme for anyone to join, to which Igor was able to build upon his illustrative skills and unleash his artistic talents. A Fashion Show was held to showcase all of the designers collections, and Igor’s line of innovative designs captured the audience and were a massive hit.

To Igor, SPACE2 is like a family, and with the support he’s been given he’s been able to develop his artistic skills into experience and create a portfolio of his abilities that he can take away with him. His abilities have grown through the project and his opportunities for experience in jobs and goals have widened, and he’s now received a place at Sunderland University to study Illustration and Graphic Designs.


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