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Welcome to YMCA Newcastle

YMCA Newcastle was founded in 1849 and has been supporting the city’s young people ever since. We are an independent local charity, and use all donations and funding given to us in order to keep supporting young people and find new ways to help our future generation of Newcastle.

Our mission is to “Provide unconditional support to young people”.

We believe every young person can achieve their full potential, that’s why we base our projects and goals on our beliefs and values:

Equality: We treat every one as equals, however we work to reduce inequalities and allocate our resources depending on individual needs and circumstances.

Respect: We respect individuals for who they are regardless of their circumstances.

Tolerance: Our culture is non-judgemental and tolerant of different lifestyles, values or beliefs.

Openness: Our culture is transparent so that all our stakeholders can see the work we do.

Integrity: By acting in accordance with our organisational beliefs and values to do the right things, in the right way and the right time.

Sustainability: We strive for long term sustainability by governing the organisation to ensure its long term ability to meet the future needs of the young people of Newcastle.

We seek out opportunities to make impact on people’s lives, we welcome everyone, we inspire young people to realise their own potential, we stand up for them and speak out on issues that affect them and we are committed to serve the communities.